I am a fine art painter, living in Aberdeen, Scotland. I have graduated from Gray’s School of Art, The Robert Gordon University in June 2012.


My paintings sit between reality and dream-like imagery. I am interested in spaces around me, places I visited and also the idea of abandonment and how it affects the space. People have commented that the colourful and at times decorative and patterned works raise feelings and memories for them. The spaces incorporate not only memories of my own visit but create connections in viewers minds, where new connotations may arise. It is always exciting to see someone talk about the paintings in relation to their own perspective and life experience.


Deconstruction and reconstruction of forms and shapes is an important part of my art practice. While working on a painting I carefully analyse the space and negative spaces incorporated in the image. I often feel the need to change the space. By adding quiet or busy elements, careful consideration of colours, contrasts and use of line, the mood and the perception of the spaces change. I can become obsessive with the techniques that I am using. Some of the spaces change as the painting progresses and this signifies the element of being alive.


For me the whole matter of painting becomes about the process, balance and resolution.